Being a parent of a trans, gender‑diverse or non‑binary child

We supported our daughter by following her lead and finding as much information as we could about affirming her gender. For her it was about giving her the opportunity to wear the clothes she felt expressed her identity, to grow out her hair, and later to change her name and pronouns.

We have accessed some services, but social support has been the most valuable aspect of this journey. Support to navigate school and sport has been vital and community organisations helped us with that. Being part of a parent community is what has kept me going on this journey. I didn’t really understand how important being connected and supported by a network of parents was going to be. Just as my child has found her tribe – I needed my own.

Being a parent of a trans, gender‑diverse or non‑binary child (of any age) can be an isolating, confronting and challenging experience – it can also be one of joy and celebration. Finding the joy and celebration came through sharing my challenges, isolation and story with other parents and carers.

Whilst I didn’t know many of them personally all had common ground with me. I found it empowering and overwhelmingly positive.

Karyn, parent of Lottie, 10
(Parents of Gender Diverse Children)

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